Using the ‘Rokunin no Tomodachi’ readers:8 Book 3 ‘Jouba Kurabu de’ contd.

Book 3 cover005 edited

Hi Everyone!

Here are the last 5 lessons for Book 3.


Cultural research

Horse riding in Japan and Australia (1 hour)

You will need:

Worksheet 9

Students compare opportunities for participating in the sport of horse riding in Japan and Australia.


Explanation and practice of language structures—2 (1 hour)

You will need:

Worksheet 10

Students complete Worksheet 10


Creative activity—posters of horse gaits and riding lesson instructions (1 hour)

Students work in pairs to produce two posters. One depicting the four gaits of the horse—walk, trot, canter and gallop, labelled in Japanese. The second gives the instructions for the horse-riding lesson, in Japanese, with illustrations showing the students’ responses.


Cultural research


You will need:

Internet access

Worksheet 11

Students complete Worksheet 11 and plan a class meal featuring Udon.


Cultural experience—prepare and eat Udon

You will need:

Worksheet 11—completed last lesson

Necessities for preparing and eating the Udon meal.

I hope to get the lesson sequence for Book 4 up by the end of tomorrow.

On Friday I will be driving down to Canberra for the AFMLTA Conference. It would be great to see some of you if you are there! I will be giving a workshop on Monday, on using the readers in the Japanese classroom. Really looking forward to it—though the build up is quite hectic!

Bye for now and



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