Using Rokunin no Tomodachi readers:6 Book 2 Jikanwari (continued)

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Hi Everyone!
Here are the rest of the lessons for Book 2, Jikanwari.

Cultural research
Ninjutsu—what exactly is it? (continued)

Students work in pairs to complete Task 4 of Worksheet 5—detailed plan or model of a typical ninja house.

Dramatic interpretation of the story: 1 (1 hour)

Students work in groups of 6. Give each group one of the lessons to interpret dramatically.

Based on the information given in the story, each group prepares a short sketch depicting interactions and behaviour the 6 friends in that particular lesson. They should prepare statements of one or two sentences (in Japanese) for each group member to say about his/her role in that lesson. Alternatively, if the students are not so confident in Japanese, they could prepare a tableau vivant, depicting the atmosphere and message conveyed through the scene and be prepared to answer questions in English about how the character they represent is feeling at that time. Students could also prepare props to make their message more clear.

Dramatic interpretation of the story: 2 (1 hour)

Students present their sketches, or tableaux vivants and answer questions from the teacher or other students as to what their character is thinking, feeling etc.

Have the students write a brief reflection of their experience.

Cultural research
Japanese おべんとう
You will need:
Worksheet 6
Internet access

Students complete Worksheet 6. Students bring their おべんとう to class for Lesson 10.

Class lunch: おべんとう

You could commence this lesson with a ‘show and tell’ session, allowing the students to display their おべんとう before eating it. Students then present their Kami Shibai, their Ninjutsu demonstration and their model Ninja houses to the class.

That’s it for Book 2. Book 3 coming up next! I would love to hear from you if you have any comments.