Nihon wa hajimete desu—these boxes contain 2000 copies


Rokunin no Tomodachi: Series 1, Book 1 is printed!

I haven’t quite mastered the art of putting photos in my posts, so, as a result and after several attempts, I have posted the first photo of Book 1, separately above. I will be brave and attempt to put the next two photos at the end of this post. That hasn’t worked so I will try and post the two remaining photos separately, after this post.

It’s been a while—almost three months, in fact. That time has been spent editing, organising business cards, flyer for the four titles in the series, and finally getting Book 2 off to the printer.

Last week my husband picked up 2000 copies of Book 1: Nihon wa hajimete desu (Japan—for the first time) from the customs clearance agent and brought them home. This was the most exciting moment for me. This series of readers has been in my mind for four or more years and I have been working on them for about three years (off and on). And now I know that they are becoming a reality!

Nihon wa hajimete desu

Nihon wa hajimete desu

The front cover of Book 1