Business name and ISBNs

In this last week there has been little time for writing as such—I have been flat out on a steep learning curve, finding out in detail what my job as self-publisher involves. Using ‘Self-Publishing made simple’ by Euan Mitchell as my starting point, I began with a business name. Euan strongly recommends I get one, and that’s enough for me. He says it clarifies the distinction between the author and the publisher on the part of booksellers, as well as down-playing the fact that the books are self-published.  Once I had decided on a name (a simple process that took me 3 days, because I made the mistake of asking too many people to give an opinion), I was able to register on-line at ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). I now have a registered business name ‘TT press’ for the next three years.

The next task was obtaining ISBNs. For this I visited Thorpe-Bowker online. Thorpe-Bowker allocates ISBNs for all Australian books. I purchased a block of 10 ISBNs and 4 barcodes. I have since discovered that I also need one of the ISBNs to be a series ISBN, so I will need one more barcode to complete the first series.

I also had to write the ‘Copyright blurb’ and in researching what to write for that, I discovered that I will be required to send a copy of the published books to the National Library of Australia. I can also receive Cataloguing-in-Publication data from them and this means that my books will be added to the national database that libraries use. I have worked out how to apply for this, so, as soon as I receive my ISBNs I will be doing that.

My head is spinning from all this, and I still haven’t had a go at uploading photos (or even searching for  a photo to upload). That will be my task for the next post.

Until then…


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