Nearly final draft of Japanese Reader No. 1!

Today I received a ‘nearly final draft’ of Reader No 1: ‘Nihon wa hajimete desu’ (First time in Japan) from Karen for review. As I mentioned in my last post, I am finding it hard to believe that my dream of producing these readers is finally coming to fruition! There are still a few minor glitches to fix—glitches in matching the text to the illustrations. These misunderstandings have been the result of my inability to explain clearly the Japanese text. I tend to forget that it really seems to be ‘gobble-dy-gook’ to anyone who has not learned the code. We have had several meetings to discuss the meaning of the text and also to get the cultural significance, not only correct and appropriate, but also relevant to the current generation of high school students.

The illustrations are great. Karen has been very professional in her approach to this project, and her illustrations are colourful and appealing to Aussie kids as well as reflecting and highlighting the culture of day-to-day living in Japan. 

Today we discussed the latest draft by phone and have now planned a meeting for next Monday, to have a final discussion of this story and work out a storyline for the next one. We realise we still have our work cut out to complete our deadline of four readers by early- to mid-November.



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